Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

IMG_0340  IMG_0667CUT  IMG_2950CUT  panoramahdrdd  panolulworth  IMG0498  IMG_3083  IMG_2837  IMG_2831  IMG_2729  IMG_2686  Lulworth Cove, KNZ  Dorset Coast, KNZ  Rock Arch - Durdle Door, KNZ  IMG_0187.jpg  Durdle Door, KNZ  

One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. We spent a nice day, walking around the coast, taking pictures and having picnic by the shore.

Lulworth Cove is a cove near the village of West Lulworth, from there it takes aroud 45 mins walk to get to Durdle Door Rock Arch.¬†Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch . . . → Read More: Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Golf Course

Clubhouse  Clubhouse  Panorama of the Clubhouse  IMG_0559  IMG_0485  IMG_0451  IMG_0423  IMG_0445  IMG_0388  IMG_0435  IMG_0432  IMG_0379  

Golf Course at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club

Pictures where taken¬†in October 2012 in the morning, just after sunrise. The Course got flooded from the river Thames which flows next to golf course and next to the botanical garden, . . . → Read More: Golf Course


IMG_2942  Life Buoy, Boats, Hastings  Boats in Hastings  Fishing Boats, Hastings  Broken window, Boats, Hastings  Boats in Hastings, UK  

. . . → Read More: Hastings

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle, Pomerania, Poland  IMG_4207k  IMG_4580k  IMG_4576  IMG_4569k  IMG_4320  Malbork Castle  IMG_4441  IMG_4303k  IMG_4341  IMG_4362  

Malbork, Pomerania, Poland.

Originally known as Marienburg, Malbork Castle is one of the largest surviving Gothic fortified buildings in Europe.

In the years 1309-1457 Malbork was the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, and the town surrounding the castle was the capital of the Teutonic Order.

I give you link to get some basic information about . . . → Read More: Malbork Castle


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Richmond is a town in southwest London, England and is part of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. When you arrive you will be in a different world, the River Thames runs through the heart of the borough for 21 miles linking Hampton Court Palace, Richmond town center and Kew Gardens with central London.

Canoes, . . . → Read More: Richmond